njmineral & sons

Franklin/ Sterling Hill/ Canadian Specimens

Long Lake Zinc Mine near Parham, Ontario


Excellent specimens from this location.  The whole area glowed with brilliant almost pastel looking colors at night.

View from top of rock pile
Tim's first collecting trip (another glowhound created)
Dump pile of Hydrozincite and Calcite
What is left of the old structures
Some nice pyrite within this pile
One of the flooded Shafts (left)

We started the day by leaving Kingston, Ontario where I had just picked up Tim  (his first collecting adventure). For  myself it would be my first trip to this particular location.  We headed north for about an hour when we came upon the town of Parham.  The road turned right so we turned left down a side street only knowing the site was north west of the town center  A couple of miles later and after searching four side roads we finally decided to stop and ask one of the locals.  We saw a couple sitting on there porch and stopped.  To our luck this gentlemen not only knew where the site was (about 500 yards away) but was able to give us a history lesson about the site.  We drove to the site and entered.  We explored the site and waited for the sun to go down.  And what a sight when we where able to turn the ultraviolet lights on, everything lit up.  The variety of specimens was excellent (color wise).  We spent 5 hours collecting but we could of collected all night.  But the bugs, wow they were incredible. Bring your repellent.  We ended up returning to the site a week later with my father and collected about 5 to 6 hundred pounds. A site I would suggest visiting.